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What is Servistar and why should I use it?


Servisatr is a simple and smart way to save you time and money.

No one has time to chase car service centres to find a reliable mechanic or to get a realistic quote. Servistar simply solved this problem.

Imagine every time you go to a car service centre, you end up either paying a big bill or wasting so much of your valuable time.Realising that hundreds of thousands of people experiencing this problem every day, we decided to find a solution. At we created a trusted community market place connecting those needing car service and advice with industry’s experts.

Through our market place, people can hire mechanics and other auto experts to do works in areas such as car servicing and repairs, Auto electrician & Diagnostic works. Car

detailing & car care, Accessory installation, sales and financing.

Our philosophy is to connect with our customers directly and provide a transparent service at a fair cost.

We want to create value for our customers by listening to them and delivering the service they expect. We do this by connecting customers directly to their car experts.

By connecting customers directly to auto experts, Servistar aims to save customers time & money and provide a premium and hassle-free service.

Servistar is the smartest and most convenient way to get your car serviced.




        I’m a mechanic

If you are a Mechanic / Auto Technician, join for free and start making money


       I’m a customer

If you need a car service or repair, sign up for free, post your job and tell us what you need done, receive competitive quotes for free and choose the best mechanic for your job.


Check Servistar forum to :

  • participate in the car related discussions
  • post your opinion and receive immediate feedback from automotive industry experts
  • obtain extensive knowledge about cars