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Thanks to our community marketplace where you can
Search for local mechanics, review profiles & ratings and
Ultimately choose the best mechanic for your job
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Save time and let Servistar to take care of your car
Save your time and money and ask your local mechanic for help
Fast – Fair – Convenient
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The most convenient way to get your car serviced
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Get a free quote just within a few clicks, check reviews, chat with your mechanic and
Assign the job with confident. We will take care of the rest.
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What do you need done?

Minor Service

The essential oil change to maintain engine health

Logbook Service

To preserve vehicles manufacturer warranty

Mechanical Repairs

Simple or complex,we have all the skills you need

Auto Electrician

For more complicated jobs, we have the masters

Pre-purchase inspection

The peace of mind when buying a new car


Bought the car and want to install new components.

How it works


Tell us what you need done                                                                                                                                             

Receive competitive quotes for free                                                

Choose the best mechanic for your job


How do you benefit?

Post your job for free and receive competitive offers from servistar Auto experts.

Our smart system will make it easy for you to search through mechanics profiles, check reviews, filter your priority and find the best mechanic for your job.

Chat for free and browse samples of previous jobs

We have thousands of auto experts for hundreds of different jobs, from minor service, mechanical repairs, electrical repairs, air conditioning repairs, smash repairs and major services. Whatever you need, there will be an expert to get it done.

It’s the simplest and safest way to hire an auto expert online.

Pay when your 100% satisfied with the service you received

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Why Servistar ?


        I’m a mechanic

if you are a Mechanic or Auto Electrician join for free and Start making money


       I’m a customer

If you need a car service or repair, sign up for free, post your job and tell us what you need done, receive competitive quotes for free and choose the best mechanic for your job.


Check Servistar forum to:

  • participate in the car related discussions
  • post your opinion and receive immediate feedback from automotive industry experts
  • obtain extensive knowledge about cars 



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